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Adventures of the Homeless (Feature Length)
Strange Misfortunes (Feature Length)
The Sins of Dusty Mills (Feature Length)

Acts of Terror
Cryonic Man (1/2 hour)
Survival (Short)
Wolves in Priestly Clothing (Short)

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”Absorbing and enlightening all the way to the last page”

Escaping from poverty isn’t as easy as shaving and getting a job, the latter which isn’t easy at all. “Adventures of the Homeless” is about one man trying to free himself and his close friends from existence as vagrants and hobos. But there is a reason why they were in such a position in the first place, as their addictions and other problems soon sneak up behind them. A sad look into the experience of the poor, “Adventures of the Homeless” is absorbing and enlightening all the way to the last page.

Adventures of the Homeless is a lively, fictional story that describes the struggles of a Jewish man who sets out to liberate his friends and himself from poverty, and to overcome his mental illness. Amid these undertakings, he is confronted with violence, discrimination, and problems associated with drug and alcohol abuse. “Adventures of the Homeless” is the fourth in a series of books that are based on allegorical, fictional and non-fictional themes, covering a broad range of multicultural issues. ISBN 0-595-53206-3


Award Days of Laughter


Days of Laughter depicts some of the childhood experiences of many who lived in Guyana during the 1950s and 60s. The sequence of events in this narrative will not only bring back memories of the past, but it will also give today’s adolescents an opportunity to look back at the happenings of an earlier period.
While this book is intended to make you smile and reflect on some of the simple joys in life, it is also a gentle reminder of some of the games children played in Guyana, the stories they listened to and the toys they made. In an effort to preserve what many have experienced while growing up in Guyana, this simple story takes account of some well-liked birds, popular individuals in certain villages, some notable places to visit, as well as common Guyanese Creole to remind us of our homeland.

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Pandora’s Heartaches is a collection of fictional stories that are based on earthly experiences which revolve around contemporary issues. These tales depict themes of marriage and infidelity, morality and spiritual beliefs, sexual and parenting issues, violence and survival, and human behavior. These topics are woven into each story, to make it thoughtful and edifying. ISBN: 1424101441

Pandora’s Heartaches was a Finalist in “The USA Book News Best Books 2006 National Book Awards.”

Earthly Tribulations is a collection of essays based on social, economic and political issues. These concise analyses are based on a number of widely debated topics, aimed at refreshing our minds on past experiences and contemporary issues. They form a pragmatic view of our earthly problems relating to corrupt governments, laws, spiritual beliefs, racism, war, women’s rights, abortion, health care, poverty, sickness and death. Readers will get an opportunity to examine most of their earthly problems amid conflicting views, beliefs and desires, and to reflect on many of life’s sorrowful experiences. ISBN# 1413704875

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The True Self is a thoughtful, informative and inspiring book on mysticism, fiction, philosophy, spiritual beliefs and some practical realities of life. The True Self contains two inspiring stories which are a synthesis of fiction, mysticism, spiritual beliefs and some practical realities of life. In these stories about life in a bittersweet experience, readers will be taken on a spiritual journey as expressed through fictional characters who are struggling with the universal quest for understanding of self (Who am I? Why am I here? etc.) This book promotes human goodness, and can be used for meaningful family discussions on subjects pertaining to theology, statutory laws, and morality based on philosophical reasoning. These topics are carefully woven into the stories so as to encourage readers to think rationally, and to contemplate about their own personal experiences in life. ISBN#  0595191975


Roy Singh

Author: Jagdish R. Singh (Roy) was born June 29, 1953 in the town of Blenheim on the island of Leguan, Guyana. In 1977 he immigrated to Canada where he studied spiritual beliefs and ancient myths. Since then, he has been actively writing fiction and non-fiction themes that are thoughtful and informative. He is the author of the fiction novels Adventures of the Homeless and The True Self, as well as a collection of essays titled Earthly Tribulations, and fourteen fictional stories under the title Pandora’s Heartaches. His other notable works include the Bhagavad Gita.


The True Self